May 22 2007

i’m not addicted!

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I had a fun weekend and hope you all did, too! My brother and I enjoyed eating dinner at Cheesecake Factory, and even though they were out of my favorite (Chocolate Tuxedo), I still enjoyed the cheesecake.

I’ve been having way too much fun playing Viva Pinata. It’s funny how some games keep you playing, even when you’re tired and keep telling yourself that you’ll go to bed in just five more minutes! Hahahaha! My boys enjoy watching the game and helping me name the new pinatas that stay in my garden. It’s really funny to see their train of thought. If I have two of the same pinata, they are all named “Mr. and Mrs.” followed by the chosen name. For example, I have two lickatoads (frogs) — Mr. Jumpy and Mrs. Jumpy.

I guess I’m just letting my geeky side take over for a while. I’ve also been playing Settlers of Catan over XBox Live with my brother at night. I was excited when they released Settlers at the XBox Live Arcade because I enjoy playing that board game. But you need at least two people to play the board game, and this way I can just play against the A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) or see if my brother is up for a game. Don also found out that Carcassonne will be released at the XBox Live Arcade soon, too! Oh! I’ll be in nerd heaven!

So I’m going to have to restrict my video game playing time to make sure I don’t go completely Borg and make sure I take time to do other things.


This is one of my favorite shots from Perrin’s games. My Dad took this one, and I just love how it catches him in action! 99.9999999% of our shots were on my Canon SLR. Yeah, no digital! Did you know you can still buy film? Hahaha! So I’ll be taking all those rolls of film in this week to have them developed. I have an album ready to do so I can scrap his pictures.. My cutie Perrin had his last TBall game last night. The whole team was wound up and excited for their swim party in a couple Saturdays. He really enjoyed playing ball and was excited that they got to try hitting a pitched ball. He exclaimed to his coach, “Just like real baseball!” My Brother-in-Law David cracked up at that comment!

So, this turned out to be like a journal entry! I’ll be back tomorrow with the partner to the Mother’s Day chicklet card I did! The Father’s Day one is tons of fun!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Belinda says:

    Oh my heck! I totally LOVE Settlers! I am SO gonna have to figure out how to work Live so I can play. 🙂

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